1 Day with
500 + Core Members
SoWa Power Station
550 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

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"This was by far one of the best
events for content and networking
I have ever attended"

Bryce Cote

"Always one of my favorite events of
the entire year!"

Kristen Craft

"I have yet to meet someone at one of your events, Core Summit included, whom I didn't end up considering a valuable friend."

Jordyn Bonds

"Fantastic conversations and networking. I especially loved the creative and innovative format of the event, that facilitated lively interactions."

Gabi Zijderveld

"Core Summit was a conference like no other I’ve been to. Thanks Underscore VC for such a fun day of making work like play."

Christine Hsieh

"I was blown away by how well Core
Summit was put together. The guest
speakers were impressive and really
delivered. The event was a well-oiled
machine. The attendees were all so positive and happy to be there. It was incredible!"

Dan McNamara

"I’m pretty selective about the conferences I go to these days.There was definitely a return on my time investment from attending the Underscore VC Core Summit."

Allison Byers

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Past 2023 Speakers

Rahul Vohra

CEO & Founder, Superhuman

Yi Chen

Toast Leadership Alum

Katrina Fludd

Director of Racial Equity and D&I, Hack.Diversity

Jeetu Mahtani

EVP of Customer Success, HubSpot

Justin Shaddix

Leadership Trainer, LifeLabs Learning

Yasmin Cruz Ferrine

Co-Founder & General Partner, Visible Hands

Angela Liu

VP of Growth & Strategy, Hack.Diversity

Patrick Calder

Head of Marketing, Slang.ai

Bryce Cote

Global VP of Success & Renewals, CyberArk

Rebecca Chaveriat

Head of Marketing, Trove Health

Neha Mirchandani

Chief Marketing Officer

Julie Marobella

EVP of Product, Salsify

Dan Schimmel

Leader, High Growth CEO

Payal Divakaran

Partner, .406 Ventures

Susan An

VP of Sales, Americas, Tessian

Gaurav Rao

EVP & GM, Machine Learning & AI, AtScale

Bouzha Cookman

CEO, High Growth CEO

Tom Eisenmann

Professor, Harvard Business School

Tim Bertrand

President, Field Operations, project44

Parasvil Patel

Partner, Radical Ventures

Janet Kraus

Coach and Leader, High Growth CEO

Julie Hayes

Head of Customer Success, Wonderment

Paul DiGiammarino

Partner, High Growth CEO

Lauren McCollem

CMO & Customer Experience Officer, Hi Marley

Rahkeem Morris

CEO & Founder, HourWork

John Judge

Chief Revenue Officer, Crayon

Lauren Taylor

Founder, The Fractional Operators

Scott Kirsner

Columnist, Boston Globe

Melia Russell

Correspondent, Business Insider

Mike Vaughan

Co-Founder & GP, Vera Equity | Operating Partner, Stripes

Ben Mackinnon

Founder & CEO, Kard

Molly Fowler

General Partner, Dorm Room Fund

Gabi Monico

Investor, Primary Venture Partners

Kathy Breslin

Chief People Officer, Trux

Maria Loughlin

SVP of Engineering, Toast

Lucia Maffei

Technology Reporter, Boston Business Journal

Nicole Clay

Co-Founder & CMO, Hue

Caitlin Vorlicek

Investor, Sageview Capital

Gabi Zijderveld

CMO, Smart Eye

Michelle Pietsch

Co-Founder, Minot Light Consulting

Kleida Martiro

Partner, Glasswing Ventures

Ellen Chisa

Partner, Boldstart Ventures

Lauren Creedon

Head of Product, Goldcast

Jason Moens

Chief Product Officer

Shari McGrath

Customer Success Leader

Jonathan Tushman

Chief Product Officer, Hi Marley

Jess Iandiorio

CMO, Starburst

Devavrat Shah

Co-Founder & CTO, Ikigai