Hot Takes: The Future of Startup Funding

Patrick Calder
Head of Marketing, Slang.ai
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September 19, 2023
3:33 pm
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Might Be Interesting

Day 5
5:30 pm

After Party

Food. Drinks. Conversation.

Day 3
3:30 pm

Core Workshops

Choose from six interactive breakout sessions focused on conversation and connection. Note: No panels!

Day 2
2:21 pm

Peer Discussion: Womxn of the Core

In this session for women and non-binary Core members, break into small, facilitated discussion groups to swap stories, share learnings, and give support. We’ll cover themes such as impactful communication, setting your expectations for work-life balance, advocating for yourself, and more.

Day 4
3:32 pm

Pitch Prep: Hear Founders Perfect Their Pitch

Tune into round two of Pitch Prep sessions for earliest-stage entrepreneurs. In 10-minute blocks, founders will pitch their venture to a panel of investors, engage in Q&A, and take relevant audience questions. Learn about new startup ideas and hear investor feedback in real-time.

Day 1
12:30 pm


Check in, grab your name tag, and get ready for an action-packed afternoon.

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