Leading Change: Brain-Friendly Change Management Strategies

Change is now the norm. We live in an era where an organization's capacity to change quickly and effectively is pivotal to its survival. The challenge? Our brains resist change and crave certainty. In this workshop, learn science-backed strategies to help companies and employees adapt, accept, and commit to change.

Julie Marobella
EVP of Product, Salsify
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September 19, 2023
2:26 pm
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Might Be Interesting

Day 4
3:35 pm

Ask Me Anything: Product Leaders

In this AMA discussion, circle up with expert Product leaders. Get to know the product folks in your group, and come away with different perspectives, new ideas, and a fresh sense of camaraderie.

Day 2
2:21 pm

Peer Discussion: Womxn of the Core

In this session for women and non-binary Core members, break into small, facilitated discussion groups to swap stories, share learnings, and give support. We’ll cover themes such as impactful communication, setting your expectations for work-life balance, advocating for yourself, and more.

Day 5
4:45 pm

General Session: Founder Fireside Chats & Core Awards

Tune into fireside chats with prominent founders, Core Award announcements, and some last notes from Underscore VC before you start mingling at the after party.

Day 4
3:31 pm

Creating an Inclusive Culture

For an increasingly diverse workforce that expects virtual and hybrid options, wage gaps across race and gender lines remain. In a protected space, discuss how this affects the employee lifecycle for Black and Latinx professionals, and learn how to shape a sustainable standard for inclusive work environments.

Day 3
3:15 pm


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